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Customers Want To See Product Benefits, Not Features

Browsing websites of products and services can be a fun learning experience. There’s such a variety of things; from SaaS apps for consumers or internet services through Internet-of-Things devices. Among all this wealth of information you can see a lot of products and services focusing on features in their marketing, essentially listing the number of things your can do with their product or service.

While some potential buyers might be interested in products offering the most bang for their buck, most people will be looking for how a given offering can benefit them and their business or life. This natural tendency to look for the best outcomes, most accessible outcomes is what a lot of people forget about.

When you scan website content of a sample project management product which uses feature-driven approach in their presentation, you’ll likely see the following:

  • Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Time Tracking
  • Invoicing

This is no different to a hundred of other project management products available online, and they offer almost exactly the same feature set. Where’s the difference? Is it the price? And if it is, what if a bunch of competitors offered the same features at a lower price?

You do not need questions like these popping into your prospects head. You want to pre-emptively answer them before they are asked, and to do this you need to use a benefit-driven approach, and it could look like this:

  • Manage tasks more effectively
  • See at a glance what your team is working on
  • Spend less time tracking time
  • Automate your billing with integrated invoicing

Which one do you think will work better?

The Challenge

While listing product features is easy (all you have to do is ask your team what they’ve built), speaking to what the prospective customer may be actually in need of is far more challenging. You have to understand their situation well and speak their language to make sure you are on the same page, but the benefits of this approach have the highest ROI from the two.

Why? Because you are claiming (and hopefully also demonstrating) how you can solve your customer’s problems. Whether it’s freeing up their time or making their life easier, you create value for them and that’s what actually speaks to people most effectively.

Making your customers happy is hard work. We’re making it easier.

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